Electric Halo Flashing Flip Flops (01761)

NEW VERSION: Our new flip flops have undergone several changes. They are more reliable than ever before, come in bigger "American" sizes, have a thicker, more sturdy sole, and now feature a white Hawaiian flower pattern on the sides of the sole (not pictured.)

These Electric Halo motion-activated Flashing Flip Flops are just the thing to make your every step unmissable. Start walking and watch them flash brightly! Flashes with every step, and turns off automatically when not walking. With flashing LEDs on your flip flops, you will want to dance around just to watch them light up!

Size Guide
- Small: Men's 5-7 Womens 6-8
- Medium: Men's 8-10 Womens 9-11
- Large: Men's 11-12

Sizes are approximate. Extremely long-lasting batteries are included but are NOT replaceable. Flip Flops are black with a white Hawaiian flower pattern on the sides of the sole. The LED strap is white soft plastic. Available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

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